July 13, 2013: Haunted Heatmaps, Tino Out-hacked, Romance In The MDF

Tonight on Wi-Fi Wives: Is Wanda really seeing odd things in heatmaps? Tino gets schooled at camp, and love blossoms at the 66 blocks.

Wanda may be seeing psychotic imagery in the NMS heatmaps on the Jackson Heights WLAN- or is she trying to manipulate mysterious venture capitalist Ferguson as he mulls a play for Lightning Wireless?  Tino gets community service for his Karma attack at the mall, at a daycamp for beginning hackers. But when he falls for the  pretty face behind a phishing attack that nets his Facebook credentials, he knows he’s in for trouble. Meanwhile, Grayson is still angry about Monique’s decision to wait for 11ac Wave 2 before upgrading, but meets a very interesting Verizon tech named Lucy, in the MDF at Jackson Heights as he’s doing documentation for the project. They hit it off and sparks fly, neither realizing that the encounter is caught on the CCTV system that was being tested- by Monique.


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