July 14, 2013: Special 1-Hour Episode. Yagis In Africa? No Venture Capital, Black Bag Jobs At Camp

Tonight on Wi-Fi Wives: Terry’s search for rare unpointium. VC Ferguson looks elsewhere for a place to invest, and young hackers kidnapped by mysterious agency. Grayson…

After the CIO’s brother dies in a gruesome Yagi accident, Terry is put in charge of a team sent to Africa to search for the rare element unpointium. The goal is to create a new line of flexible highly-directional antennas that can’t kill you when you fall on them.  Wanda’s weird claims of seeing supernatural visions in the Jackson Heights Project heatmaps were enough to make Venture Capitalist and man of mystery Ferguson take his pot of money elsewhere- or were they?  Tino’s community service for his mall Karma attack takes a bizarre and startling twist when he and new love (and fellow hacker) Lucy are hypnotized by the LEDs on the camp’s  Aerohive access points and whisked away by dark vehicles with government plates. Meanwhile, Monique confronts Grayson about his MDF indiscretion captured on video. Unflapped, Grayson mocks her choice of codec and admits that he also has gone forward- against Monique’s wishes- to purchase 11ac Wave 1 wireless access points. Episode ends with Carmen staring at her monitor seemingly catatonic, while a packet capture scrolls down the screen and Billy Idol’s “Hot In The City” plays in the background.


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