July 15, 2013: Carmen Falls Further, Access Point “Skins”, and Maybe That RFP Isn’t So Bad

Tonight on Wi-Fi Wives: Carmen Really Is Losing It, Access Point “Skins”, Maybe Terry’s RFP Wasn’t So Bad

Goodness gracious, Carmen really seems to be falling off the edge. After showing up late to the BYOD strategy meeting, she asks Jesse to pass the corn relish. Given that there is no food in the room, Jesse politely asks her if she’s OK. Carmen threatens to “Mobile Iron him upside the head”. Later, we see Carmen dressed like Cat Woman in her black Expedition- parked in the dark alley behind Riley and Dom’s house (and what’s that magnet-mount antenna on the roof of the SUV?) We finally learn what Monique has been up to (when not confronting Grayson about his indiscretions);  she’s opened a company that sells designer “skins” for access points. And she seems to have the backing of someone with deep pockets- maybe a mysterious venture capitalist? Meanwhile, as the CIO continues to grieve over his brother’s tragic Yagi accident, he finds himself re-reading the RFP that Terry wrote. Overcome with shame, he realizes he shouldn’t have mocked it, as it’s better than any he ever put together. He thinks of Terry in far-off Africa, as she quests for unpointium for his new safe Yagi line, and vows to do right by her when she returns.


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