July 16, 2013: Tino Drugged, Terry’s Dilemma, Who Did An End-Around on Guest Access?

Tonight on Wi-Fi Wives: Tino’s Bad Trip, Terry Hits Gold (Sort Of), Guest Access Scandal

When we last saw Tino, it appeared as if him and fellow hacker-camp counselor Lucy were getting whisked away by a mysterious government agency. It turns out it was all a bad hallucination, as someone slipped a pill into Tino’s Red Bull during NAC class. In Africa, Terry’s search for the rare element unpointium may be over, as she found more than the company could ever use in their new soft Yagi antenna line. But will she be able to come to terms with the warlord who guards the mineral- without giving in to his perverse demands that she switch to a 4-channel plan in 2.4 GHz? Back at Lightning Wireless corporate, an investigation has begun into who provided the MAC address exceptions for a number of visiting inmates on clean-up work release detail. It doesn’t look good for Darcy, given her husband’s criminal history, but she swears her innocence. Meanwhile, Carmen deploys what appears to be a rocket pod from the underside of her Escalade- as the vehicle faces Riley’s house.  Carmen hums Billy Idol’s “Hot in the City”.


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