November 6, 2013: Secret Technology, Marketing Melt-Down, Ghosts

Tonight on Wi-Fi Wives: Secret Wi-Fi Technology, Marketing Run Amok, CIO Sees a Ghost

What appeared to be a rocket pod on Carmen’s SUV that she had aimed at Riley’s house turns out to be some sort of secret WLAN technology. It’s not clear what the device is, but we overhear Riley’s animated conversation about her “10x better Wi-Fi” as Carmen’s face is illuminated in the glow of a very peculiar looking tablet computer. At Lightning Wireless, the marketing team has a melt-down. Donovan wants to push yet another truth-stretching whitepaper about the company’s products, while Marisol has had enough of the Big Talker’s antics. The rest of the team takes sides, and things get pretty ugly; even lovebirds Eugene and Rhonda seem to be at each other’s throats. We see the CIO playing basketball at the fitness center during the annual Day Out event. Though he’s on fire with his usual impressive skyhook shot, he freezes when a shadowy figure is seen at the scorekeeper’s table. Could it really be- the “person” resembles his brother, recently killed in the yagi antenna incident. Meanwhile, Terry and Darcy seem to be hatching some sort of plot via Skype, but who’s the target?


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