November 11, 2013: Carmen Meets Her Match, Hip-Hop Love Triangle Destroyed

Catty Carmen is back in her office at Lightning Wireless, and up to her usual rants. As she throws a world-class fit about her new Samsung Note 3 not having “enough bars”, the service technician (guest star Robert Pattinson) silently opens the window and heaves the device into the Howard River. Meanwhile, Daphne’s days of duplicitous love come to a violent end when a melee breaks out at the hip-hop club, and both of her Outlaw Wireless Rap-star lovers are killed- but who shot first, Phat Channel or QAM? We briefly see Tino in some sort of para-military uniform evidently at a hacker training facility, but why is the instructor speaking Arabic? Finally, Terry (still in Africa) waits to hear whether the warlord is willing to deal for unpointium, the metal to be used in her company’s new flexible Yagi antennas. As he contemplates whether to play ball, the warlord hums Billy Idol’s “Hot in the City”.


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