December 6, 2013: Terry’s Bad Trip, Tino Swings Big, Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

As Terry seals the deal to purchase the raw materials for Lightning Wireless’ new flexible Yagi antennas, the warlord who controls access to the unpointium mines insists on a celebratory toast. After one sip, Terry blacks out and wakes up dressed like Princess Leia, in a room surrounded by old FHSS wireless cards. Meanwhile, Tino has matured into a big-league hacker type, and we see him dressed as a copier repairman, calmly planting a Wi-Fi Pineapple as he hums Billy Idol’s “Hot in the City”. But is he really carrying this attack out in The Kremlin? Last we saw of Baby Patrick, his first word spoken was “Ekahau”, which sent Jim into a rage. Just when it seems that Clare and Jim can work things out, Jim hears the baby say “Heatmapper”. Clare cringes. As Jim tears out in a fury, she knows it’s over between them. Episode ends with a glimpse of Carmen, again dressed as Catwoman, using a Dremel tool to work a mini-USB adapter into what appears to be… an Etch-A-Sketch?


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