December 9, 2013: Holiday Intrigue, The Xirrians Are Coming?

The women and men of Lightning Wireless are back in the Valley for their annual holiday get-together, but high drama is afoot. Intern Marla thinks she has found proof that the Jackson Heights project is just a cover for a secret facility for the Xirrian Air Force, but when she tells the CIO he laughs it off- perhaps a little too emphatically. Carmen’s blind date is run down crossing West Java Drive, by a driver-less car with no markings (it appears to be blaring Billy Idol’s “Hot in the City”). As he expires, he utters something about investigating the Xirrians flying secret saucers out of Google’s facilities and hands her a MicroSD card as the police arrive. Meanwhile, a rescue appears to be under way in Africa to free captive Terry from the 4-channel-crazed 2.4 GHz warlord. Surprisingly, Tino is leading the operation- along with… mysterious Venture Capitalist Ferguson? And just when it can’t get any weirder, Daphne is seen getting dropped off in front of the Lightning corporate office by none other than Flavor Flav, with what appears to be an AirTight C-60 dangling from a thick gold chain around his neck.


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