February 15, 2015: The Gang Is Back, But Can Life Return To Normal?

After facing fines and exile for violating FCC jamming rules, Lightning Wireless is back in the spotlight- and teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Carmen has gone back on her meds and is trying to woo Venture Capitalist Ferguson all over again to keep the struggling company afloat, while the CIO pins his hopes for financial salvation on the new flexible Yagi antenna line.  Terry has done well to secure the source of the precious unpointium used in the flexible Yagis, but it’s still a mystery what happened to her during the time she lost her memory at the hands of the 4-channel-crazed 2.4 GHz warlord. Meanwhile, Tino’s secret training as a pilot in the Xirrian Air Force may be compromised, as Daphne stumbled across the secret Xirrian base while driving around trying to come to grips with the loss of her Outlaw Hip-Hop lovers (Phy and Qam- killed in the nightclub shootout).  Finally, it’s pretty clear that the CIO’s dead brother isn’t so dead, as we see him scoring a pallet full of illegal access point mounting hardware at the riverfront. As he hands over the cash to an attractive young woman, Billy Idol’s “Hot in the City” blares in the background.


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