August 12, 2015: Bad Channel Plans Make Strange Bedfellows

(Special mini-series episode 1)

Venture Capitalist Ferguson has revealed to Lightning Wireless CIO that the evil 2.4 GHz 4-channel warlord holding Terry in the unpointium mines is actually a former FCC lobbyist now in cahoots with the TLPS-pushing madmen from Global Gym. Still deeply shamed by his past treatment of Terry over her RFP, the CIO is resolved to get her back. He strikes a deal with the secret Xirrian Air Force for a daring raid on the unpointium mines, but Commander Arrayo will only do the mission if his ex-wife, none other than Crazy Carmen,  goes along. What could Arrayo have in mind?

A lot of familiar faces are dressed in Xirrian uniforms as Commander Arrayo brings them over the drop zone. Tino the hacker, Daphne, the CIO, his mysterious zombie brother, and even Ferguson all make the jump far above the mines. Carmen snugs her earbuds, cranks up Billy Idol’s “Hot in the City”, and steps from the plane- just as Arrayo jerks the aircraft causing it to bump Carmen in the head. Her chute deploys, but she’s out cold as she spirals toward the ground.

Carmen awakes (or does she?) in an old West stagecoach, surrounded by strangers that seem to know each other. The driver, Raymonio, shouts back to the group that they are almost to their first stop at Wi-Fi Carnival. As the scene fades, the one they call Grey Stephen asks Carmen if she’s ever been to San Jose before.

Next Episode: A Cast of Characters. Carmen meets her travel partners, including Keefer the Wi-Fi Mystic, Stretchy Dutchman, Littlechris, and Jenni-Fi.

An adventure begins.


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