August 18, 2015: Introducing Ramrod and a Large Transaction

(Special mini-series episode 2)

Carmen’s comatose trip into the bizarre continues. In her dream (if that’s what it is), she’s fallen in with an odd bunch of travelers going by stagecoach to something they call Wi-Fi Carnival. This altered reality is a weird mix of Old West meets the future in Silicon Valley, and Carmen’s head is spinning. As the group tools down a dirt road version of Sunnyvale’s First Avenue, Grey Stephen is trying to explain the goings on of Wi-Fi Carnival to a bewildered Carmen. In the back seat, Keifer the Wi-Fi Mystic can be heard telling Littlechris and Stretchy Dutchman to not make eye contact when they stop to pick up him.

As the wagon pulls over to allow two men to board, Carmen can see who Keifer was talking about. Before the door opens, Jenni-Fi gasps and utters in a low tone “…Ramrod!” One look at the tall stranger tells the group that trouble has found them. With skull cuff-links and a bottle of booze in hand, Ramrod makes the group nervous. But not as nervous as his travel companion, known only as LTT (Large Transaction on the Telegraph lines). Things are heating up.

Meanwhile, Commander Arrayo has headed back to the secret Xirrian Air Force base. He can be seen turning down the volume on Billy Idol’s “Hot in the City” as he radios a cryptic message… “QAM lives”. But who is he talking to? When Arrayo lands, Daphne and Grayson meet him on the flight line in a Lightning Wireless installation van, and they all smile smugly at each other.

Next Episode: Idaho Pete and Sweet Georgia Brown attacked, Carmen has a vision, Terry tries to escape.


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