September 25, 2015: The High Cost of Terry’s Freedom, Ramrod Terrifies, Scandal in the NOC

(Special mini-series episode 4)

Viewers are used to seeing Tino hacking away at something or other, but why is he seen half-naked with Daphne in the NOC at Lightning Wireless? It turns out it wasn’t Tino jumping out of the Xirrian Air Force plane on the mission to free Terry, it was his identical twin bother Claus! While Claus is fighting off 4-channel crazed 2.4 GHz tribesmen in far-off battle, Tino is fighting his way through Daphne’s outer garments- as the security cameras record the entire steamy scene and the two lovers redefine “uptime”.

Speaking of Terry… she finally has escaped the bonds of the creepy channel 14 warlord, who will soon be in trouble with his dark masters from Globo Gym. As she runs into her rescuers in the jungle, Mysterious Venture Capitalist Ferguson is shot through the clavicle with a poison-tipped dipole. His zombie brother drags him away, as Billy Idol’s “Hot in the City” plays softly in the background.

And in Carmen’s  altered reality, we learn that Ramrod has mastered the time-travel app on his Wi-Fi cuff-links. Everyone knows he can’t be trusted, but while Stretchy Dutchman and Littlechris are street-brawling over a Multi-Gig uplink argument, Ramrod offers Carmen a way out of her predicament. As he sips his moonshine, he tells Carmen that he brought her to this bizarre place- and that only he can send her back to before she bumped her head. Ramrod whispers low what he wants in return, while Jenni-Fi gasps in fear. As the episode ends, Kiefer can be seen lighting the fuse on what looks like a Belair 200 access point as Sweet Georgia Brown limps past- clutching a T-bar mount from an Aruba 225.

Next Week: Carmen’s home- or is she? Daphne’s new tattoo, and somebody ends up dead


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